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Asia Mobiliti selected for Toyota Mobility Foundation’s global smart city challenge

Asia Mobiliti’s latest data hub & analytics solution selected for Toyota Mobility Foundation’s global smart city challenge

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 27, 2020: Asia Mobiliti has been selected among sixteen semi-finalists from over ninety applications in a global challenge to develop data-driven solutions to improve mobility and city planning in Kuala Lumpur.

The City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge (CATCH) is organised by Toyota Mobility Foundation and co-developed by the Deloitte Future of Mobility Solution Centre. It aims to bring together global teams of entrepreneurs, startups, research institutions and innovators to reimagine and design future city infrastructures through dynamic, intelligent, data-driven & connected solutions.

This selection allows Asia Mobiliti to develop a Proof-of-Concept for OMNImile, a data hub for on-demand microtransit & mobility analytics for first-mile/last-mile connectivity. The solution will provide mobility service designers and city planners much needed insights and simulation capabilities of mobility activity around transit hubs, allowing for data-driven city infrastructure planning and on-demand microtransit zoning.

Ramachandran Muniandy, CEO & Co-founder of Asia Mobiliti comments, “As we have been immersed in the complexities of mobility here in Kuala Lumpur, we view this global challenge as an immense opportunity to tackle the big problems of our city. The idea for OMNImile was born out of our mobility-as-a-service platform as we looked at ways to plug the dual ‘data & mobility’ gap in first-mile/last-mile connectivity. We have much work to do in developing this solution, but being selected lends our Malaysian start-up some world-class recognition in this field. The bonus is with the opportunity to deploy this product for Kuala Lumpur. We look forward to scaling this product and progressing in this competition.”

Asia Mobiliti will be including two of their global technology partners in the development of OMNImile, Paris-based demand responsive transit technology provider Padam Mobility and San Francisco-based geospatial AI platform provider for people analytics, CITYDATA.ai. Ram adds, “We have developed these partnerships with best-in-class startups elsewhere in the world that will add to what we are building here in Malaysia, with exciting potential for new commercial collaborations and synergies.”